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  • Irene Weiser

Top 10 Reasons to Close the Cayuga Power Plant

  1. It isn’t needed. There is no shortage of power in our region, just some old electric transmission wires in Auburn that need to be replaced.

  2. No Fracking. Converting the plant to burn gas creates a market for frack gas, which means a community somewhere is getting fracked. It is immoral, and the worst kind of NIMBYism to ban fracking in NY while promoting it elsewhere.

  3. No Coal. Did you know Cayuga’s proposal says they want to keep burning coal too? Toxic emissions include lead, mercury, arsenic; cause asthma, heart disease. 6.5 miles from Lansing school. ‘nuff said.

  4. Transmission upgrades are cheaper. Transmission upgrades cost $55 million, Repowering, $145 million. Either way, NYSEG customers foot the bill. Isn’t your electric bill high enough already?

  5. Auburn transmission upgrades will be needed by 2020, even if Cayuga is repowered. Don’t take our word for it. That’s the sworn testimony of the engineer at the Department of Public Service. Why pay for both? Do it right the first time.

  6. Cayuga is old and inefficient. Cayuga’s furnace is 30% - 50% less efficient than newer power plants. Which means is uses more fuel, costs more to operate, and produces more CO2.

  7. Invest in the infrastructure of the future. Transmission upgrades make the grid more reliable and energy efficient. They’re needed across the State to help us better distribute the power we have. Let’s do this.

  8. Stop Corporate Welfare. We pay Cayuga $145 million for an old, inefficient power plant that isn’t needed, makes our kids sick, and will be obsolete by 2020. What would you call it?

  9. Build a renewable energy economy. It’s happening already in Tompkins County. 70 jobs in 2 years. Local jobs. Living wages. Clean energy. New tax base. This is the direction we should be headed.

  10. Global Warming. We’ve got to stop burning fossil fuels before it’s too late. Closing an unnecessary, inefficient, polluting power plant and improving the reliability and efficiency of the grid is a great way to start.

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