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  • Jim Shaw and Barbara Coyle

Close Cayuga Power Plant - we don't need fossil fuels

We are writing to add our voice to those who ask the governor to close the Cayuga power plant and add electric transmission line upgrades to improve the power grid. This makes both financial and environmental sense.

Our family moved to Tompkins County after living for 40 years in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. We moved because of the industrialization, health risks and environmental damage that the oil and gas industry brought to that county. What was once a beautiful rural landscape has been scarred and put at great risk by drilling for the last drop of fossil fuel.

We support the governor’s decision to ban high-volume slick-water hydrofracking in New York. But we must do more. The Cayuga power plant decision should be made with an eye on the future, not the past.

We can make the move to alternatives while supporting the Town of Lansing and its school district with assistance to make this a just transition.

Tear the plant down, provide assistance to the communities this will impact, upgrade the power grids and show the rest of the country that becoming fossil-free is more than a dream — it is possible now.

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